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Flame in Red
Not a happy camper!
A ficlet that is more of a drabble, typed up in fifteen minutes as a break from Organic Chemistry. ^^ Unbeta-ed.

Not for kids.

Silence is golden.Collapse )
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...I want Michael to marry Gabriel. NOT SARA.


I'm crazy. Until we get a Raphael it's going to be very very VERY hard for Michael to get normal. DX

...And I swear, Gabriel, I really do think that if Michael were to fall for a female, it would be you. They personalities are a good match, their powers match, even their heights match. GABRIEL. XD

...So, now, Setsuna, please make an appearance already.
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...EXCUSE ME. This fanfic had eaten my soul the first time I read it, and I now have found it.

*goes back to reread*
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Michael ("he who is like God")

(1.) The title given to one of the chief angels
(Dan. 10:13, 21; 12:1). He had special charge of Israel as a
nation. He disputed with Satan (Jude 1:9) about the body of
Moses. He is also represented as warning against "that old
serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole
world" (Rev. 12:7-9).
(2.) The father of Sethur, the spy selected to represent Asher
(Num. 13:13).
(3.) 1 Chr. 7:3, a chief of the tribe of Issachar.
(4.) 1 Chr. 8:16, a Benjamite.
(5.) A chief Gadite in Bashan (1 Chr. 5:13).
(6.) A Manassite, "a captain of thousands" who joined David at
Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:20).
(7.) A Gershonite Levite (1 Chr. 6:40).
(8.) The father of Omri (1 Chr. 27:18).
(9.) One of the sons of king Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. 21:2, 4). He
was murdered by his brother Jehoram.

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IC Post: ABOUT FUCKING TIME I HAD A RECAP. My life's been fucking crazy.
[ooc: I shall worry about the threads Michael did in other people's journal entries later. And ignore the icon I used. I just wanted to use it. XD]

OO1) Michael arrives on the island.
002) Someone teach him how to fish. XD
003) Meets (mostly) Ling, Gojyo, Nami, Mello, Soujirou and Saiyaman. Or something like that.
004) Michael meets Duo.
005) Hollow post. Meets Gin, , Yuki, Rukia and Laharl, though doesn't give a damn about them much. XD
006) Anyone human? Meets Steve, Aizen, Grimmjow, Seigfried, Vincent and Bender.
007) Checks up on Kazuma's bullet wound.
008) Looks for Duo.
00x) Looking for his sword, ala MUSICAL.
010) The following DAY.
011) ...Headache. XD

012) The day after the party where Michael did something stupid XD.
013) Nanatsusaya returns!~
014) A post in reply to Ryuhou's temper tantrum - that he was the cause of. [blackmail log.]
015) The Mello post. Meets Near, is lied to... and we know how this went. XD
017) Snake care questions; L saves his day!
018) Amnesia hey.
018) Candy Rain!
020) Lucifer arrives and snaps Michael out of his amnesia.
021) Follow-up post to the previous one.
022) Kazuma got shot again and Michael finds it funny. The Island gives him clothes and shoes.
023) ...This is terribly crack. Bananas, anyone?
024) Michael's hormones make themselves known, much to his discomfort.
025) Voice isn't a boy! Baby snakes!
026) Asks Minato to help him take care of the baby snakes. (I have to find the thread where Mika met Minato...8D)
027) Katou runs away, ends up in Kira's pants. XD [WTF Lucifer-mun.]
028) Announces his intent to go to Clam Island.

May (so far):
029) Michael leaves for Clam Island.
030) Gets hit on the head with Kira/Katou and Kira/Setsu doujinshi.

[That was helluva lot. XDDDD If I get the links wrong? Tell me! XD]
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And apparently the nickname Mika stuck. XD
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I think I need to get to a doctor.

I mean it.

I think one reason why it's practically VERY EASY for me to play a character whose mental stability is anything but stable is because I'm most likely unstable myself. Normally, being able to see oneself as crazy nullifies, or at least lessens, the chances of one being insane; the insane themselves think they're perfectly normal in thinking.

But that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Crazy people sometimes acknowledge their insanity; I would know, I've had friends who were clinically diagnosed as mentally and/or psychologically unstable, and they're perfectly normal in action.

Half the time.

Which brings me to Michael. His character is dark, deep and very much borderline. I find him completely normal in my life. I find his violence adorable. On a personal level, I feel the same way as he does about self-inflicted pain, though on a less grander scale. Physical pain sometimes provides the much needed release from certain types of tension, though this method is something that our society bars for apparent reasons, otherwise we have no need for jailhouses.

In relation to Michael's character - and that's not much, because he's the most minor "major player" in the manga - I am partly a masochist and mostly a sadist. I'm knocked in the head; I would rather hit a person with a metal cable tube than kick a Doberman with rabies (unless it lunged for me, at which I would smash its head in with a hammer and then some). Theft is relative; it depends on who steals, to whom the theft is committed to, what is being taken. I won't touch homicides and murder; it's too sensitive. Men who commit adultery shouldn't just go to jail, their penises should get cut off - but this one's a pretty sane idea, so I'll just say "feed the penis to the owner and let's see how they like that blowjob".

The sudden need for counseling stems from an old adage, something about prevention being better than any form of medication. In this case, I would like to certify that I am clinically sane.

And though that would be several shades of BORING, I rather like functioning outside of a straitjacket and a mental institution, thank you very much.

...And as for his temper (as a whacked-out temper is often associated with mental instability when it is, in actuality, more relative to anger management), when I was 6 years old I beat a classmate with my hands and a block of wood for knocking my strawberry pink wooden block castle over. He ended up with 4 broken ribs, a broken arm, a dislocated leg and a bandaged eye and skull, and I never saw him in class ever again.

Wow, that last one was so DeathNote!Mello. What do you know.


-Yours truly, Dan

PS. I think I should go have lessons on writing essays. This one's nice, but put this on trial with a grammar and composition teacher and I'll get a fucking red mark.

Current Music: DDR - Stomp to my Beat

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I can't draw Michael with a banana at all, actually, so I looked for something similar. ENJOY.

It's from http://reapersun.deviantart.com XD
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EDIT: Someone's applied for Sara Mudou again. I hope it pushes through. YAAAAAY!!!
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A ficlet that takes place a great long time after the 4th Holy War and immediately before Michael ended up on the island.

**Technically, any one of the Archangels - specifically, Michael or Raphael - could be promoted as Prime Minister of Heaven because Gabriel is on Earth, Zaphikel is dead and Rociel and Alexiel are... gone? But as Raziel is Zaphikel's protege, I chose to make him the Prime Minister of this fic. HA. If this doesn't make sense, it's no problem. It doesn't matter. 8D

**I also do not own Angel Sanctuary. But I wish I did.


This is fucking BORING, damn you all!Collapse )
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